5 Tips For Planning An Awesome Backyard Party

The backyard party season is just around the corner!
Here are 5 tips for planning an awesome backyard party.

Tip 1: Keep Mosquitoes Away

Having mosquitoes at a backyard party is a party is not fun for anyone. One week before the party, empty out the kiddie pool, the rain gutters, and any rainwater that has collected in the bottoms of flowerpots. Then before the backyard party guests start to arrive, plug in some fans in your party area. Mosquitoes are weak flying insects, so even a fan set on low, can create enough airflow to keep them away. This works best in a small area, like a deck, where you can set up two or three box fans around the area. Finally, if your party goes into the eventing, adding mosquito candles and tiki torches to the area is a great are great to keep the backyard party mosquitoes free.

Tip 2: Setup Music

If you are making your own playlist, make sure to select around three-five hours of music to cover before, during and after the last guests leaves or you can search for a playlist on Pandora or Spotify is that fits your party needs. Be sure to set up multiple speakers so that the music can be heard from everywhere but not be too loud in any one area.

Tip 3: Entertain the Kids

If children will be present at the party, do not forget to prepare activities to keep them busy so that the parents can have a great time. Some good ideas for child entertainment are hula hoops, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles or you could splurge for a bounce house.

Tip 4: Organize the Food

Place the least inexpensive food, such as chips, salad, veggies and salads towards the beginning of the buffet line and place the more expensive food items like meat and fruit at the end. This will help stretch your food since people tend to fill up their plates before they get to the end of the buffet line.

Tip 5: Have Enough Tables and Chairs

The last thing you want is your guests looking for a spot at a table or a chair to sit on. Bring out all of your outdoor furniture, indoor chairs, and even blankets for people to sit on, or better yet, contact Backyard Party Rentals below to have us bring the tables and chairs for your next backyard party!

These five tips are guaranteed to make your backyard party a hit!

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